Buying Gold And Silver Is The Best Way To Secure Your Financial Future

I’m sure that by now you’ve probably noticed all the buzz about why it’s the right time to start buying gold and silver.  Simply put, the shape our economy is in and where it’s headed over the upcoming years doesn’t look too promising.

We must realize that in order for us to have any type of financial future, we must invest in things which have strong liquidity and economic sustainability.  Investing in assets which are able to endure the economic ups and downs is by far our best bet.


The fact of the matter is that our economy will get worse before it gets any better.  You see, what most people fail to realize is that while our national debt continues to rise, so does inflation.  We can’t get ourselves out of debt by creating more of it.

With every dime our treasury borrows from the Federal Reserve, the more we get into debt.  This places a huge burden on future generations like our kids, because they will be stuck paying the tab. That’s why the growing concern of whether or not our children will even have a future continues to grow.

All this money that is being printed essentially out of thin air is being used to cover all the huge expenses the US has accumulated.  This will just continue to create more inflation which will eventually continue to lower the value of the dollar.  Simply put, the buying power of the dollar will eventually become worthless.  Though I know this may be hard to grasp, it’s unfortunately an inevitable reality.

So what does this mean for people who have invested in 401ks, savings accounts, and IRAs mean?

Well, what value are any of these going to have if the primary investment is paper currency? The simple answer to this question is nothing.  That’s why a 401k, savings account, IRA, and social security are becoming less and less reliable as time goes on.

So what exactly happened to the almighty dollar?

There was a time when the dollar was the basis of the entire world economy.  Though the dollar has usually been worth less than other currencies like the British pound, it was and still is the more widely used currency.

However, during the last few years the dollar has seen a drastic decline in value.  It’s even gotten so bad to the point that other nations are calling for an international move away from the dollar.

The reason the dollar has declined drastically is due to our government’s handling of the number of economic crises that have hit our country as of late. While you may think the crises themselves caused the downfall of the dollar, it’s actually the government’s reactions to them that really caused it.


You see, while the deficit continues to rise, the more pressure there is on the government to be able to deal with this.  In order to avoid spending cuts or tax hikes, the government has been printing money to cover the expenses.  While this may seem like an immediate solution, the fact is that this only devalues the dollar.

Let me quickly outline a scenario to better explain how all this dollar stuff works and what it means.  First of all, each US dollar is a representation of the entire economic power of the USA.  Now, let’s imagine that there are only one million dollars in circulation.

This pretty much entails all paper notes, digital bank accounts, etc…  Having just one of those dollars in possession would signify one-millionth of the economic power of the US.  This would be extremely beneficial to any American, especially the wealthy ones.

Now let’s see what happens when we incorporate exactly what the government is doing into the whole picture.  So the government prints out another million dollars to cover expenses.

While this may seem like the economy is getting richer because now the initial million dollars has doubled, the reality is that now each dollar will only represent half of what it used to.  You see, the only way for any type of currency to achieve more buying power is by expanding the economy through the exchange of goods and services.

So now you can see why simply printing money out of nowhere only reduces the buying power of the money in your bank account.  A lot of people are still not grasping this concept.

They simply ignore the problem hoping that eventually things will work out in the end.  Realistically, we can’t think this way.  We must start preparing for the future and make sure that all the years of hard work we’ve put in on this earth are not for nothing.

One thing that is obviously worth noting is that while the dollar continues its downward trend, the price of gold and silver continues to sky rocket.

This is why investing in gold and silver, especially right now is highly recommended by many billionaires.  Even our own government is investing in precious metals along with other nations.  As you can see everyone is starting to catch on to what’s currently going on and are acting on it.  Here’s the real question though, are you?

If you’re planning to take action, and I strongly recommend you do, you have to move on to the next step, which is finding a reputable company to buy precious metals from.  This is where Regal Assets comes in.

Regal Assets is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating and have earned a preferred membership status with the BBB and TrustLink as well.

Regal Assets is also a precious metals industry leader with over fifty years of combined experience, and has even gained the support and business of prominent billionaires and celebrities including Alan Thicke, Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, Jerry Doyle, Lars Larson, Alan Colmes, Thomas Kaplan, John Paulson, and Carlos Slim.

By investing with Regal Assets, you not only gain the peace of mind in knowing that you’re dealing with an extremely reputable company, but you can also rest assure that you’ll always be a step ahead of inflation.  Precious metals are certainly a good hedge against inflation.

The reason precious metals are so valuable is that they cannot just be created out of thin air.  They are a precious natural resource with economic power and sustainability. Also you have to remember that there is only so much gold and silver in the world, with rare cases of new discoveries every now and then.

Let’s consider gold for example.  Its value compared to other currencies will continue to rise, despite inflation.  As a matter of fact, gold has risen faster in value than the rate of inflation, because people naturally assume that inflation will only continue to get worse.  This is why many people are investing in gold before it gets more expensive.

They realize what is happening in the world and that governments have way too much debt which will be impossible to pay back.  Top it off with inflation and the fact that many currencies all over the world are losing value and you have the obvious signs of a global collapse.

To be completely honest, the governments don’t want you to know that something is wrong.  They just want to pretend like everything is fine and dandy and want you to think the same.  Since you can’t rely on the governments telling you the truth and then protecting you, you must find alternative ways to protect your future like investing in precious metals.


Reasons to invest in gold broken down:

– Retain your purchasing power even as inflation rises.

– Protect your hard earned savings against the devaluation of currencies

– Protection from a severe banking crisis in the event of a collapse.

– If a temporary deflation occurs due to an economic crisis, you’re better off with gold assets than paper currency.

– Protection from the over accumulation of debt that our governments are creating. In the end someone will have to pay the huge bill. Will you be one of them? Not if you act now!

– The gold and silver trend will continue to rise even further above paper currencies and inflation. This means a secure profitable future.

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